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Indonesia is an emerging market for international education where the total number of student abroad is estimated to be around 40,000 making Indonesia the third-largest source country in Southeast Asia, and it is projected to grow as Indonesia’s economy move into the world’s top 15 economies, 3rd in Asia after China and India.

As Indonesian economy grow rapidly so does the apparent skills gap as the Indonesia’s higher education system struggles to keep pace where the total HE enrolment is predicted to reach 7.8 million by 2020. The Indonesian government’s growing emphasis on building human capacity is apparent in the increasing number of scholarships to provide greater opportunity for Indonesian to study overseas.

Given the forecast for growth, what can education providers do to meet the corresponding demand for education?

Number of Students Abroad

world's top economies / 3rd in asia

million HE students

Our Services

Spero offers one-stop service to build well-designed and locally-tailored plan for your institution to operate in Indonesia. Our services include:

Human Resource and payroll


Organisation of workshops, high school visits and university networking events


Marketing and recruitment support

project management

Transnational education project management

Printing and logistics

Tailored to the requirements of the Print and Promotions industry

Media Advertisement

Print and Digital Campaign

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About us

Established by experienced local professionals that have worked in the education sector for over 10 years, Spero aims to be the gateway for foreign institutions or companies that is aspiring to expand their footprint strategically and cost-effectively in Indonesia.

Through detailed knowledge of the market and built networks, we hand-picked the right balance of skills to provide the optimum customised solution every time.


Spero offers benefits for your institution to operate in Indonesia

Compliant with the local government policies in regard to foreign institution/companies being present in Indonesia

Local market intelligence that will drive targeted marketing strategy to produce growth

On the ground support to maintain contact, relationship, and product knowledge with prospective/existing partners

Identify opportunities of Transnational education through local universities network

Increased efficiency for visits into Indonesia by better planning and maximum use of time

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